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Double manual harpsichord after Hemsch (1745) Double manual harpsichord after Hemsch Double manual harpsichord after Hemsch Double manual harpsichord after Hemsch Double manual harpsichord after Hemsch Double manual harpsichord after Hemsch
Date added: 2015-11-05
Built by Jacques Magnette (Belgium) in 2005.
Length : 2,28 m.
The instrument has almost not been played on and is in new condition.
2 x 8', 1 x 4', lute stop (elk skin)
FF - e3
a1 = 415/440 Hz
Decoration in turtle shell imitation
En imitation d’écaille de tortue after the style of the famous cabinet maker Boule (Louis XIV)
Frame work and ornamentations in gold leaf.
Legs are screwed to he frame.
There are 2 lids sticks: a big one and a smaller one.
The music stand can hold 3 A4 pages.
High quality thick transport cover with reinforced corners + extra cover for the legs.
There is also a music stool available which matches the harpsichord.
Price: 20.000 EUR (can be negociated)
Contact: Jean-Pierre BOULLET, 4 Rue de Hermée, B-4680 OUPEYE (near Liège), tel : +(32).(0)

Double manual harpsichord after Ioannes Bull 1778
Added on: 2015-03-11
Built by Ivan de Halleux in 1977
The original is in a museum in the USA
FF - f3
2 x 8', 1 x 4', peau de buffle, nasal
Length: 264 cm
Decorated soundboard
Superb concert instrument
The instrument is in mint condition: no repairs/maintenance is needed
Price: 27.500 EUR (can be discussed)
Contact: Paul Smoes

Single manual flemish harpsichord after Delin
Added on: 2015-01-16
Made by G. Van Lerberghe in 1988
GG - e3 (non transposable)
1 x 8’
Length: 205 cm
Price: 4.000 € for sale or 65 € EUR/month for rent (long term) + insurance
Contact: Paul Smoes

Double manual harpsichord Kaufmann type 240 
Added on: 2012-01-01
Build by Kaufmann around 1950
FF - f3
Lower manual: 16' - 8' with buff stop on the 16'
Upper manual: 8' - 4' with buff stop on the 8'
Registers are moved by pedals.
Ebony topped keyboard with maple sharps topped with ivory.
Length: 143 cm
Detailed description in French:
Price: Please contact me
Contact: Pascale Semes



None at the moment



Spinet made by Sassmann in 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003 Spinet made by Sassmannin 2003
Date added: 2015-08-13
CC - f3
Transposable: a1 = 415/440 Hz
1 x 8'
Buff stop
Very stable tuning
Price: 4.800 EUR (can be discussed)
Contact: Marie-Corentine Albanese

Spinet Wittmayer
Added on: 2014-08-05
Built in 1961.
CC to f3
8’ + lute (buff stop)
a1 = 440, no transposition
150 x 62 cm
Instrument in playing condition.
Price: 800,00 € (to be discussed).
Contact : or 0474 75 36 16.



None at the moment



Broadwood „Short Drawing Room Grand N° 2020 Broadwood piano
Date added: 2017-10-04
Built ca 1875
Serial number: 10408
Nameboard : "John Broadwood & Sons London"
Pitch: a1 = 436 Hz
85 keys: 7 octaves, AAA - a4
Parallel stringing
Length : 235 cm
Width : 137 cm
Complete in orgininal and playable state.
Typical Broadwood "duck feet" pedals : 1 una corda - 1 damping
Original rectangular tuning pins
Wrest plank in good condition
Keyboard in ivory and ebony.
The action is the typical English action of the 19th century, the precursor to the Erard and modern actions, as opposed to the Viennese action used by German and Austrian builders of the time. The English grand action provides a very direct and powerful connection from player to string and was favoured by Chopin for that reason.
Fnished in a tortoise-shell burl walnut, with ebony and rosewood trim.
Other distinctive features of this piano are the “lyre-shaped” pedal works, hence the reason they are now referred to as the pedal lyre, and the slim shape resembling a harpsichord more than the modern grand piano shape. The legs have a tapered shaft of hexagonal section, and has a carved capital fascia of acanthus leaves.
Location: The instrument can be seen in Leuven
Price: 11,500 EUR (transport not included)
Contact: Christine Vertente, tel: 0475/86 85 55

Grand piano concert 255 cm
Added on: 2016-03-04
Built by Jean-Francois Vogelzangs in Bruxelles around 1854
Probably bought by Leopold II for Marie-Henriette at the world exposition in Paris in 1855.
Rosewood (palissander) in very good general condition.
Two pedals, straight stringing.
Splendid sonority
Overall in perfect playing condition, some mechanical routine regulations to do.
Only some cracks in the soundboard have been repaired with splines out of security considerations.
a1 = 430 hz.
Price: please contact me
Contact: Etienne Leuridan, tel: +3210812979 or +32477426242.

Bechstein Grand (1912) N° 102780
Date added: 2013-01-18
3/4 Grand (223cm)
Black polish (looking beautiful)
Excellent ORIGINAL condition
Holds the tuning (440Hz) perfectly
Regulated Renner action
Fantastic harmony
Location: Brussels Belgium
Price : 10.000 EUR
Contact: Quentin d’Ursel,  tel :+32 496 957 728.


None at the moment






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