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Double manual harpsichord after H. Hemsch Santiago BandaSantiago BandaSantiago Banda
Date added: 2015-05-12
Built from a Ducornet kit in 2008.
Manual I: 8’ + 4’
Manual II: 8’ + lute
Transposition: 392-415-440Hz.
Range: FF-g’’'
Oil painted. Very good condition
Price: 15.000 €
Contact: Santiago Banda

Double manual harpsichord after Zell 1728
Date added: 2015-01-08
Made by Sassmann in 1993
Manual I: 8' + 4'
Manual II: 8' + lute
Transposable: a1 = 415/440 Hz
Dimension: 248 x 99 cm
Location: Madrid
Price: 15.000 EUR
Contact: Agustin Alvarez, +34 629469133

G.-A. Baffo harpsichord 1574
Date added: 2014-05-17
Made by Pierre Verbeek (Belgium) in 2008
Fac-simile reconstruction of the harpsichord made in 1571 by Giovanni-Antonio Baffo in Venice in 1574
Single keyboard harpsichord with two 8-foot registers, original of Giovanni Antonio Baffo Venice 1574, now at the Victoria & Albert Museum London.
Rebuilding of the harpsichord built G.-A. Baffo in 1574 in Venice, numbered W18 in the catalogue of Denzil Wraight. The original is signed and dated JOHANES ANTONIVS BAFFO VENETUS MDLXXIIII. The original harpsichord is contained in an external case, from which it can be withdrawn. The original of this instrument is one of the most beautiful examples of harpsichords made in Italy during the sixteenth century. Seemingly it belonged to the Florentine family Strozzi. Its decoration is luxurious and its construction is extremely accurate. This beautiful instrument may be one of the finest ever built, confirming that G.-A. Baffo was one of the best makers of keyboard instruments of his time and perhaps of all times.
GG/BB-c3 (50 notes)
Two 8-foot registers
Outer dimensions of the harpsichord: 217.0 X 83,9 X 18,7 cm
Pitch a1 = 415/440 Hz
c2 length: 286 mm
Cypress case, soundboard and moldings
Maple bottom board
Walnut wrest plank and registers
Jacks in pear tree
Rose and key fronts in parchment
Approximate weight: 20 kg
Price: €10.000
Contact: Esteban Mazer, Barcelona - Spain, tel.: +34 645 994 829

Italian harpsichord, copy of anonymous builder, ca. 1550
Added on: 2009-12-24
Build in Buenos Aires, in 2001, by González / Bidart
Real inner/outer case instrument
C-c''' (4 octaves), one manual
a1 = 415 / 440 Hz
2x8', both can be used independently
187 x 77 x 27 cm
In very good condition.
Price: 7.500,00 €
Contact: Laura Puerto  +34 647 573 310

Double manual harpsichord Flemish school (Ruckers)
Added on: 2009-12-22
Built in 1999 by Balász y Zsolt
FF - f3
a1 = 415/440 Hz
2 x 8', 1 x 4', buff stop
In good condition
Inlaid front (see picture for details)
Price: 10.000,00 EUR
Contact: Denise de La-Herrán, +34 615.197.510 





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