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French Single after 1667 Anonymous by Alan Gotto, 2015
Date added: 2018-02-20
a1=392 Hz
Inner case and keywell lined in walnut.
17th century French style stand and music desk in walnut
Includes padded cover and full tool kit
Recent voicing work by Allan Winkler 
Available to be played in Boston,MA
Price: $17,000 USD
Contact: Michael Brazile

17th-century French Double by Robert Duffy, 2016 17th-century French Double by Robert Duffy, 2016
Date added: 2017-08-11
GG-d3, 415/440
2x8', 1x4'
Soundboard Painting
All Brass Stringing
Includes Padded Cover
Available for Pick Up in Boston
Must sell, so it will go to the best offer
See also this video on YouTube
Contact: Michael Brazile

Flemish single harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord
Dated added: 2015-06-26
Built in 2014 form a Zuckermann XVI Kit
Assembled by Gerardo Ruiz.
Case and soundboard assembled by ZHI.
2 x 8'
Buff stop
Transposing: a1 = 440-415.
Case and soundboard decorated in flemish stile.
- REGISTRO CORTO.- L'enfantine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9vavKTp6Lw
- REGISTRO LARGO.- La Basque https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQCOXJSSS-M
- REGISTROS ACOPLADOS .- Passacaglia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQoa4ECG-NY
Location: Guadalajara Mexico. Instrument can be shipped to anywhere
Price: 12000 USD or best offer
Contact: Gerardo Ruiz Jimenez, Cel: (045) 33 17 52 96 04, Tel: (01) 33 36 30 11 14

Double manual harpsichord Double manual harpsichord
Dated added: 2015-05-29
Built by Rainer Schütze in 1964.
Case in Circassian walnut, with Flemish scaling, two 8' and one 4' registers,an
Price: $14,000 USD.
Contact: Angus Whyte, San Francisco, Tel: 415-255-5904, Mobile: 415-902-7214

Italian Harpsichord after Alessandro Trasuntino, 1531 Venezia 
Date added: 2012-07-31
Built by Nikolaus Damm in 2012.
The instrument is new and resides in my workshop in Manila.
Shipping by air freight (door-to-door) by Kuehne & Nagel. Shipping and tax depends and I can give an estimation.
Please look at my website for details: http://nikodamm.webring.com.
Price: USD 8,000 or best offer. (reduced because the cost of living in Manila is cheaper.)
Contact: nicodamm@yahoo.com


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