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17th-century French Double by Robert Duffy, 2016 17th-century French Double by Robert Duffy, 2016
Date added: 2017-08-11
GG-d3, 415/440
2x8', 1x4'
Soundboard Painting
All Brass Stringing
Includes Padded Cover
Available for Pick Up in Boston
Must sell, so it will go to the best offer
Contact: Michael Brazile

Flemish single harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord harpsichord
Dated added: 2015-06-26
Built in 2014 form a Zuckermann XVI Kit
Assembled by Gerardo Ruiz.
Case and soundboard assembled by ZHI.
2 x 8'
Buff stop
Transposing: a1 = 440-415.
Case and soundboard decorated in flemish stile.
- REGISTRO CORTO.- L'enfantine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9vavKTp6Lw
- REGISTRO LARGO.- La Basque https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQCOXJSSS-M
- REGISTROS ACOPLADOS .- Passacaglia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQoa4ECG-NY
Location: Guadalajara Mexico. Instrument can be shipped to anywhere
Price: 12000 USD or best offer
Contact: Gerardo Ruiz Jimenez, Cel: (045) 33 17 52 96 04, Tel: (01) 33 36 30 11 14

Double manual harpsichord Double manual harpsichord
Dated added: 2015-05-29
Built by Rainer Schütze in 1964.
Case in Circassian walnut, with Flemish scaling, two 8' and one 4' registers,an
Price: $14,000 USD.
Contact: Angus Whyte, San Francisco, Tel: 415-255-5904, Mobile: 415-902-7214

Italian Harpsichord after Alessandro Trasuntino, 1531 Venezia 
Date added: 2012-07-31
Built by Nikolaus Damm in 2012.
The instrument is new and resides in my workshop in Manila.
Shipping by air freight (door-to-door) by Kuehne & Nagel. Shipping and tax depends and I can give an estimation.
Please look at my website for details: http://nikodamm.webring.com.
Price: USD 8,000 or best offer. (reduced because the cost of living in Manila is cheaper.)
Contact: nicodamm@yahoo.com


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